Jessica Simpson does InStyle Magazine

Jessica Simpson must have done countless interviews over the last few years, so just to make this one a little different, November's issue of InStyle had Jessica's friends and family ask her the questions, that they wanted to know the answer to -

Designer Roberto Cavalli - "How many bags and pairs of shoes do you own?"
"Countless! You really can’t put a number on that one."

Jessica's hairdresser and friend Ken Paves asks - "Do you have a pair of lucky pair of socks you wear under all of your favourite stiletto boots?"
"OK, I have a thing about socks. I have a pair of Penguin socks that I bought at Hot Socks at an airport — I don’t remember which airport. And they’re lucky. I’m weird about socks. And I also have people draw on my socks, and I save them and wear them if I want some luck."

Ashlee Simpson asked - "What is your fave thing about having a younger sister?"
"Oh, that is funny. My favourite thing is that she is cooler than me. I go to my sister for advice all the time, mostly about guys, life or how to deal with an argument with Mom or Dad. You’d think she was older. I had to go through life first, and she saw the choices I made, good or bad. She can look at my life and be, like, ‘OK, I’m gonna do it this way.’ I might be a little more jaded, but it’s exciting for me to see her making good choices."

Jessica's cover dress is by Isaac Mizrahi. Inside she also talks about her diet and fitness plan, which she worked on with Harley Pasternak, to get fit for Major Movie Star.

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