Kim Kardashian's Super Successful Scents

Always expanding her empire, Kim Kardashian recently released a new ad for her fragrance Kim Kardashian Gold plus a limited edition must-have.  

The limited edition Kim Kardashian Love is a fragrance described as "A captivating aroma, evocative of endless love.  There's nothing more powerful than two souls united by the passion, beauty and trust they find in one another. Inspired by the intoxicating sensation of true, eternal love, Kim Kardashian presents a limited edition fragrance—Love by Kim Kardashian."

The perfume in the blinged-up bottle was such a hit it sold out in 10 days as only 799 were made available for sale.  A total of 100 were made - Kim had one for her wedding day and 200 were gave out at her bridal shower.

You can check out Kim's perfumes at, and Macy's.

Pics from and KK Fragrances

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