Marisa Miller does Fitness Magazine

Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller is the cover girl for November's issue of Fitness Magazine, and with that body it's easy to see why.

Inside Marisa talks about how she keeps in shape and reveals some diet and beauty secrets too -

Q - How do you prepare for the Victoria Secret show?
"For the five days leading up to the show, I train with my boxing instructor, Phil Paolina. We do different punch combinations - jabs, hooks, uppercuts - and combinations that include ducking, which incorporates squat-like moves for my legs. We do this in the ring for 10 rounds - each round is three minutes and I get a one-minute break in between, during which I do as many crunches as I can.

Q - As a model, do you follow a specific diet?
"I try not to eat carbs for dinner because I don’t like to sleep on a full stomach. In the morning I’ll have an English muffin or Ezekiel bread, which is all grains and legumes, with protein in it too. If I’m really good, I’ll make an omelet with vegetables. And cheese - I have to have cheese in there somewhere. For lunch and dinner, I eat protein, like tuna and a spinach salad. I don’t change my eating routine for the show, I just follow this plan a little more strictly.

Source -
The Skinny Website

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