Russian Stars Go Photo Shop Free for Cosmo

This article is a little old now since the magazine is for August, but it's an interesting one none the less. While Jessica Biel may have graced the cover it was another feature inside the August issue of Russian Cosmopolitan that was the interesting one.

Stars of music, film, TV and sport all posed in their black bikinis and went photo shop free, speaking about how they keep in shape and deal with any pressures or insecurities.

First was TV star Alla Dovlatova, who said she struggled with her weight after having children but got back into shape through sport, training and proper nutrition.

Ex-gymnast and now TV personality Svetlana Khorkina had some quite philosophical views, stating "It is most important to understand : if someone has bad taste or stereotypes, this is not your problem. Each woman God created man, remember this simple truth. "

Ice Skater Irina Slutskaya states that sport not only helps to give shape but also enhances the moo
d and says "If people live in harmony with oneself, it is truly beautiful. "

And actress Anastasia Kochetkova says that an active life gives a good impression as well as a great physical shape, and says "Do not forget sport, whatever shape you are, moderate exercise will always be of benefit."

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